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Investment Property Loan Exchange LLC is the live “Real Time” Bidding Platform for Investment Property Loan Exchange. Many of the Top Private Lenders and Banks compete for your loan requests in Real Time. lenders offer short and long term loans for Single Family, Multifamily and Commercial property types, including rehab and new construction. is able to match Real Estate Investors with Lenders in 39 US States.


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For Our Private Lenders

1 Unit Single Family DSCR Rental Loan


30 Year Fixed
80% LTV Purchase

5+ Unit Multifamily Rental Loan


30 Year Fixed
75% LTV Purchase

1-4 Unit Residential Rehab Loan


85% Loan to Cost
3+ Experience

5+ Unit Multifamily Rehab Loan


75% Loan to Cost
12 - 18 Month Interest Only

*Each Rate assumes 2.00% Origination Fee and Cash Flows at 1.20 or Better and 760+ FICO Score with a 5 Year Step Down PPP.
**Assumes 2.50% Origination Fee and 760+ FICO Score and interest on Drawn Balance.


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