Frequently Asked Questions


We can’t give you a precise amount as all investments are different. We offer a range of investment options for you, from small to large. The general rule of thumb is that you would need at least $20,000 but every developer requires different deposits. Give us a call today to see what we have available.

Yes, there are some investments that offer guaranteed returns, although not all do. Every investment has different incentives so part of the reason we speak with the client in depth before advising which investment is best is that every client has different wants, needs and requirements.

After you receive your first rent, all your future monthly rent payments will be deposited into your business bank account on a monthly basis via ACH payment. !

Unfortunately, you are unable to vacation in the property. This is because you are guaranteed rent from your investment.

In simple terms, a Buy To let Investment is a property that is Invested in to rent out for an income. The property has potential for a long-term yield from any increase in the property’s value returning your initial investment along with the rental income.

We have created a FREE e-guide on the recent Stamp Duty updates to help you plan your property investment strategy efficiently, as currently, the threshold is a rolling ball this includes Buy to let investments and international property investments.

This is dependent on the type of investment, for example, an off-plan investment may take slightly longer depending on the construction process. But each investment is unique and we would suggest talking to one of our specialist investors to find the right investment and income for you. Call the team today for an Immediate answer (636)552-4710.

The staycation market at the moment is booming across Europe with a 300% increase in bookings for the 2022 season. More importantly, the returns and security of a holiday investment tend to be a lot more secure due to the stature of the companies who provide them. Every client has different needs and wants so the holiday lodge sector is just another option that Advantage Investment has been able to offer.

Absolutely! You do not need to travel to the US or have a visa to be able to buy a property.

All your property’s repair expenses are covered in the first year by our complimentary repair warranty. After the first year, you have the option to purchase any of our extended repair warranty plans to extend your coverage.